In Magnitogorsk, over five hundred difficult teenagers were registered

The work of the department of juvenile affairs in 2018 was discussed at the social policy commission of the Assembly of Deputies. Last year, the Commission for Minors received 1459 administrative materials, most of them in relation to parents. 98 families are in control, where 161 children are in a socially dangerous position. Difficult teenagers […]

A woman who got under the wheels on B. Rucheva, in intensive care

The moment of the accident was recorded by CCTV cameras. The accident occurred on April 17 at 16:05 at the intersection of Karl Marx Avenue and st. B. Ruch'eva. 20-year-old driver on the Opel Astra hit a woman. As reported in the traffic police, according to preliminary data, she crossed the road to a red […]

For drivers hiding from the scene of an accident toughened punishment

Now, if people have been injured in an accident, sanctions will be equated with measures to influence a motorist for drunk driving. The bill, about which we wrote earlier, was adopted by the State Duma in the third reading. This was reported by "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". Before, if people were injured in an accident, the driver […]

After night service, additional trams will be opened on Easter.

With a request to organize flights to the MP "Maggortrans" addressed Magnitogorsk diocese. After a night service, the cars will wait for passengers at three city temples. Cathedral of the Ascension of Christ, the movement of trams from the stop “Old Magnitogorsk”: 03.00 Cossack crossing –pr. K. Marx – station; 03.15 Cossack crossing – st. […]

This is your voice! How do residents of Magnitogorsk get into the entrance

It turns out your voice can do more than you think. Thus, it is not the first month that residents of Magnitogorsk have opened the door of an intercom with the help of Siri voice commands on devices running iOS. Commands are customized any, the choice depends only on your imagination. The only and sufficient […]

Immediately, two pupils of Metallurg can perform at the World Championships

More likely to be joined by Yegor Yakovlev is another magnetopist – Evgeni Malkin. Last week, the coaching staff of the Russian national hockey team announced the lineup to prepare for the World Cup, which will be hosted by Bratislava and Košice from May 10 to 26. Magnitogorsk's graduate Yegor Yakovlev, who played in the […]

Magnitogorsk drivers are forced to repair cars because of a failure at the gas station

Motorists are ready to sue the gas station. Drivers encountered problems last Sunday. Those who refueled at the gas station of one well-known network of companies at ul. The 50th anniversary of Magnitogorsk, 76a, could drive only a few meters. Some, immediately realizing that the matter was as gasoline, were returning to the gas station […]

Tomorrow an open door will be held at MSTU

Graduates, college students and parents are invited to the meeting. The event starts at two in the afternoon. Interactive sites from different faculties will unfold in the hall of MSTU. At 15:00 in the assembly hall there will be a meeting of future students with the rector and a festive concert. After that, master classes […]

The housing issue still worries the residents of the affected high-rise building

Some apartment owners are not satisfied with the amount of payments provided. Photo: Anastasia Tolmachyova Marina Tkachik with her young son lives in the twelfth staircase in the house 164 by Karl Marx. After the tragedy that happened on New Year's Eve, a woman does not want to stay here. He says he can not […]