Not all drivers were ready for drastically changing road conditions.

Bad weather caught by surprise: a seven-year-old girl was injured in an accident

Photo: traffic police in the Chelyabinsk region

In the Chelyabinsk region, 15 traffic accidents happened in the weekend due to weather conditions, in which 21 people were injured. So, on April 14 at 14:00 on the 24 km of the Yuzhnouralsk-Magnitogorsk highway, a 54-year-old resident of Plast behind the wheel of a Kia Rio provoked an accident.

“According to preliminary data, I didn’t choose a safe speed, didn’t take into account road and meteorological conditions, lost control, and then drove into a lane intended for oncoming traffic, where I collided with an oppositely moving VAZ-2112 car,” the traffic police in Chelyabinsk said areas.

Magnitogorsk suffered: a 45-year-old driver of a domestic car and his 7-year-old passenger. The girl is hospitalized.

On the same day, at 18:30, another accident happened on the 39 km of the Magnitogorsk-Kizilskoye-Sibay-Zilair-Ira highway. A 20-year-old young man, a resident of the Republic of Bashkortostan, behind the wheel of the Lada Grant, according to preliminary data, did not cope with the control, drove into the lane intended for oncoming traffic, where he collided with a VAZ-2114.

A 34-year-old woman, a passenger of a VAZ car, was injured and was hospitalized. The driver and passengers of the car "VAZ", residents of the Orenburg region, were heading home.

At 19:20, on the 22nd km of the Magnitogorsk-Kizilskoye-Sibay-Zilair-Ira highway, in the Agapovsky district, a 35-year-old man behind the wheel of the Folsvagen Crafter lost control and turned over. According to preliminary data, the accident occurred in conditions of insufficient visibility: there was wet snowfall and a blizzard.

Passengers were injured: a 48-year-old man and a 50-year-old woman. They were hospitalized, another passenger, a 46-year-old man, was injured. He was prescribed outpatient treatment. The driver and passengers were heading from Ekaterinburg to Sibay.

In Magnitogorsk, due to the changed weather conditions, road accidents are no longer. Over the weekend, including Friday, 41 accidents were registered in the city, two of them with injuries. On Sunday, when it was snowing all day, 9 accidents occurred, this is the average amount. By the way, per day, according to weather forecasters, in the Southern Urals 0.5–11.0 mm of precipitation fell.

Nevertheless, the drivers warned each other about the weather and told what the situation on the track.

Traffic police officers urge drivers to comply with the speed limit and distance.

“It must be remembered that overtaking is the most dangerous maneuver. Traffic accidents associated with moving into the oncoming traffic in most cases are heavy, and for the often tragic consequences. If you are going to overtake, you need to make sure that it is completely safe, especially in adverse weather conditions, ”the traffic police commented.

In the coming days, expect a warming is not worth it. However, according to weather forecasters, precipitation is not expected. Light snow forecast only 17 April.

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