Ignition recorded in several areas.

In the southern Urals began natural fires

The issue of preparation for the fire-dangerous season has become one of the main issues on the agenda of the meeting of the acting governor of the Chelyabinsk region Alexei Texler with the heads of municipalities. The region already registered the first fires. So, on the territory of Kasli forestry burned 0.3 hectares.

The main cause of fires – the transition of the flame from agricultural land. The fire spreads with great speed, and forest fire formations do not always have time to arrive in a timely manner, noted and. about. duties of the Chief of the Forestry Department of the Chelyabinsk Region Sergey Lavrov ,. Leads and technology.

– The wear of our equipment, which we use on the territory of the Chelyabinsk region, is 80 percent or more. For 3 years, we plan to change almost all fire equipment. According to the results of the test, we had a lack of equipment. Now we bring all this into compliance, – Lavrov declared.

Meanwhile, last year more than 27 thousand hectares were destroyed by fire. This is three times the value of 2017. And this year, despite the fact that the fire season has already begun, the readiness of forest fire formations, according to the prosecutor's office, is only 80%.

– Serious criticism is also related to the performance of their duties as heads of cities and regions. The rules oblige local administrations to clean the areas adjacent to forests from dry grass. Carry out plowing, equip mineralized strips and perform other fire prevention measures. However, not all municipalities are involved in this work, – said Deputy Prosecutor of the Chelyabinsk Region Andrei Potapov.

It is more active to work in this direction, including with the population – such an order was given by the acting governor.

– In all directions. This applies to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and the heads of municipalities, and the Ministry of Agriculture. This applies to working with people, with owners of agricultural plots. Reach each person, – Teksler set the task.

As for Magnitogorsk, then, according to the head of the civil defense and emergency situations department of the civil protection department of the population, Rinat Sarvatdinov, the preparatory work for the fire-dangerous season has been carried out. A plan to extinguish forest fires has been prepared.

– The main place we have, where the forest is the area of ​​the 10th pumping station on the outskirts of the city. Next week we plan to conduct a training session with the involvement of the forces that will be involved in extinguishing forest fires, ”Sarvatdinov said.

Recall that in the city has already begun to burn dry grass. Ognebortsy left to extinguish in the area of ​​the Zemzavod and in the direction of the Left Bank cemetery.

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