How to turn the TV into a “smart gadget” of a new generation that understands your speech? Hold cable TV without extra wires and extras? In times of high technology, maybe even that! For information on how to "pump" your TV, read the article.

Rise of the Machines! How to make a new and modern TV from the old "Terminator"

The ISbox set-top box from the Urals telecommunications operator Intersvyaz is able to “pump” any TV to the modern level and add new functions to it. The main feature of the console – movies and TV shows can be searched on the Internet with the help of voice. Voice assistant “KinoLIS” saves time and promptly displays the result of a search query.

To turn on the film in good quality, it’s enough to sound into the microphone in the console, any detail, a scene from a filmstrip, the name of an actor or a character, and the prefix will create a selection of movies matching the request. For example, when searching for a movie with Johnny Depp about the ship, the ISbox set-top box will definitely give out “Pirates of the Caribbean”. The user will only click on play. In addition to the easy search, in the console ISbox is available about 150 cable channels for every taste. One of the advantages – you do not need to connect additional wires at home, everything is already on!
You can arrange a test drive and purchase a prefix in the customer service center at the address: ul. Sovetskaya, 170, Troika shopping center, 2nd floor; Karl Marx Avenue, 172, Family Park shopping mall, 1st floor.
Try a new generation of television: intersvyaz.rf; 8 800 2000 747 (free call).

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