The contest of poems for the anniversary of the city started in Magnitogorsk

This year the city of metallurgists celebrates its 90th anniversary. Townspeople are invited to devote lines to their small homeland. The competition is held in several age groups: children, youth, adults. The task is to write a poem about Magnitogorsk and send it along with the application to the e-mail of the organizers – the […]

In the Magnitogorsk Conservatory in the anniversary year will repair the scene

Funds will allocate the regional budget. On the website of public procurement appeared information about the auction to perform the repair of the floor of the stage of the concert hall. On this site are all the performances in the conservatory. "The main period of work on the overhaul of the tablet includes demolition work, […]

Magnitogorsk Conservatory celebrates anniversary

Students, graduates and teachers of the only musical university in the city told about their home institution. She grew out of college, founded in 39 year. A quarter of a century ago, it turned into a music college. Here bring up real talents. And not only from Magnitogorsk. Two years ago, Natalia, now a second-year […]

Magnitogorsk Conservatory celebrates anniversary

Everyone is invited to a gala concert this Friday, April 12th. The celebration will begin at 10 am with a meeting of the academic council. It will talk about the history of the institution and sum up the work. At 15:00 at a round table, experts will discuss the musical culture of the Chelyabinsk region. […]

Magnitogorsk Technical University celebrates anniversary

Today MSTU is 85 years old. Having passed the way from the mining technical institute to the country's main university, it has undergone many changes. Both physicists and lyricists today are integral parts of a large Magnitogorsk university. Today, on the day of the anniversary, they gathered in the assembly hall, where a gala concert […]