Famous veteran of World War II died in Magnitogorsk

Heinrich Agzamovich Shilov passed away today, April 16th. He was 92 years old. A veteran of World War II, a participant in hostilities, a holder of the medals "For the capture of Vienna", "For Military Merit", "For the Victory over Germany" and the Order of the Patriotic War II degree. He did not miss the […]

Another teenager died in Agapovsky district

In recent days, this is the second death. The body of a 15-year-old teenager was found on Monday afternoon in the territory of one of the private houses of the village of Pervomaysky in a barn. Information was confirmed in the investigative department of the Ordzhonikidze district of the city of Magnitogorsk. “All versions of […]

Motorcyclist without a license died on the way to Magnitogorsk

The accident occurred in the Abzelilovsky region on the evening of April 13. Behind the wheel of the Izh Jupiter-5 motorcycle was a 29-year-old local resident. He was driving in the direction of the city of metallurgists along the Sterlitamak-Beloretsk-Magnitogorsk highway. And at 274 km I ran into the oncoming Chevrolet Aveo under the control […]

12-year-old boy died in Agapovka

According to the preliminary version, he committed suicide. The reason could be the loss of a smartphone. The body of the child was discovered on Friday evening. Reports about it the portal "74.ru". According to the preliminary version, the boy committed suicide because of the phone he had lost the day before, which had previously […]

South Ural schoolboy died, having burned 70% of the body

On the boy's clothes caught fire while jumping over the fire. The incident occurred the night before in Troitsk. Children of 6-7 years old were playing at the dump: they lit a fire and threw empty cans at it. Then they began to jump through the flames. One of the cylinders exploded at the moment […]

The man died on the way from Ekaterinburg to Magnitogorsk

The close ones sounded the alarm after he stopped communicating. 53-year-old Sergei Uvarov disappeared more than a week ago. He was traveling from Yekaterinburg to Magnitka. On the way for some reason, I stopped answering calls. Relatives turned to the Legion SPAS volunteers. They spread the orientation, but everything was in vain. Today it became […]

The man who disappeared two weeks ago died

Yuri Borodin left home in the village Priuralsky. 29-year-old man disappeared on March 27. He left the house at 13 Pearl Street, in a T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. The missing was sought by the Legion SPAS volunteers. Today they announced the completion of searches. “Borodin Yuri Alexandrovich found, died. We condole with family and friends […]

In Magnitogorsk, a disabled person died due to a non-switched on heating pad

The fire occurred on April 7, Kalinin Street, 17/1. The call to the duty attendant arrived at 11.10 from the neighbors of an elderly man. They felt the smell of burning, and then saw the smoke that poured out of the window. Firefighters, arriving at the scene of emergency, found the lifeless body of a […]

In Magnitogorsk, they spent the last journey of a conscript who died in Ussuriysk

The funeral of Stanislav Kuzema took place today. A two-hour farewell to an 18-year-old boy was held in the funeral hall of the city hospital number 1. Dozens of people gathered here: relatives, friends, classmates and school teachers. The room barely accommodated everyone who wanted to see the young man on his last journey. At […]