Bad weather caught by surprise: a seven-year-old girl was injured in an accident

Not all drivers were ready for drastically changing road conditions. Photo: traffic police in the Chelyabinsk region In the Chelyabinsk region, 15 traffic accidents happened in the weekend due to weather conditions, in which 21 people were injured. So, on April 14 at 14:00 on the 24 km of the Yuzhnouralsk-Magnitogorsk highway, a 54-year-old resident […]

An administrative case was brought on the parents of the battered girl

The police now understand the scandalous history. This weekend, the townspeople were shocked by a photo of a girl with a hematoma on her face. Magnitogorsk has sounded the alarm and even one of the residents arrived at the apartment where the family lives. And then I called the police. Today, law enforcement officers reported […]

"The nest bird does not viet, the girl does not weave a braid"

Today, the Orthodox celebrate the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin. This year, the Christian holiday fell on Sunday. It means that the good news of the conception and the birth of the divine son of Christ by her came to the Virgin Mary. In the Annunciation, any work is considered a sin. In the people […]

Magnitogorets shocked picture of a girl with bruises on her face

The city launched a real special operation to save the child. The townspeople visited the house where the dysfunctional family lives. A photo appeared on the social network on Friday evening, in which a 7-year-old girl with a hematoma on her face. Apparently, the child was beaten. This photo was taken by a city dweller […]