In Magnitogorsk, over five hundred difficult teenagers were registered

The work of the department of juvenile affairs in 2018 was discussed at the social policy commission of the Assembly of Deputies. Last year, the Commission for Minors received 1459 administrative materials, most of them in relation to parents. 98 families are in control, where 161 children are in a socially dangerous position. Difficult teenagers […]

This is your voice! How do residents of Magnitogorsk get into the entrance

It turns out your voice can do more than you think. Thus, it is not the first month that residents of Magnitogorsk have opened the door of an intercom with the help of Siri voice commands on devices running iOS. Commands are customized any, the choice depends only on your imagination. The only and sufficient […]

Magnitogorsk drivers are forced to repair cars because of a failure at the gas station

Motorists are ready to sue the gas station. Drivers encountered problems last Sunday. Those who refueled at the gas station of one well-known network of companies at ul. The 50th anniversary of Magnitogorsk, 76a, could drive only a few meters. Some, immediately realizing that the matter was as gasoline, were returning to the gas station […]

In Magnitogorsk, the deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was given a well-deserved rest.

Rodion Satybaev gave the service 24 years. In the management of the Interior Ministry held a solemn event. The deputy chief of the UMVD, police colonel Rodion Satybaev, was congratulated on coming to a well-deserved vacation. Sergei Bogdanovsky, Acting Head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Chelyabinsk […]

Apartment, house and trash cans: three fires occurred at night in Magnitogorsk

The fire caused damage of almost 300 thousand rubles. The call to the duty desk arrived on April 17 at 02:03. In SNT "Stroitel-6" the garden house caught fire. Firefighters of 23 fire and rescue units left for the scene. They put out at 02:39. As reported in the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the fire […]

How to live and make repairs in the Magnitogorsk apartment – expert advice

Many residents of Magnitogorsk have to move into apartments that need repairs. How to facilitate living among the dust and debris, experts told the City Make repairs to the rooms It is better to make repairs on the rooms. Of course, this is longer than finishing the whole apartment at once, but there will […]

Magnitogorsk family, in which the husband beat his wife, showed on the federal channel

After the injuries inflicted, the spouse collects money for treatment. Photo: social networks On the eve of the 35-year-old Magnitogorets Anatoly Rubtsov published a post on a page on the social network. In it, he talks about the causes of his wife’s illness – a year ago he beat his spouse half to death – […]

The contest of poems for the anniversary of the city started in Magnitogorsk

This year the city of metallurgists celebrates its 90th anniversary. Townspeople are invited to devote lines to their small homeland. The competition is held in several age groups: children, youth, adults. The task is to write a poem about Magnitogorsk and send it along with the application to the e-mail of the organizers – the […]

During the day, two Magnitogorsk suffered in an accident

In total, 17 accidents occurred on the streets. This was reported by the inspectors of the propaganda group of the BDD OGIBDD UMVD of Russia for Magnitogorsk. A traffic accident in which two people were injured occurred in the area of ​​the house number 14 on the Domenshchikov Street. The driver of the Kia Soul […]

Magnitogorsk residents who do not want to go on a Saturday work collect money

In some cases, public utilities require 150 rubles per person, and in others – 300 rubles per apartment. We found out if such exactions are legal. In Magnitogorsk, announcements of work days appeared on several houses at once. Public utilities are asked to leave residents of high-rise buildings to clean the local area. Yes, so […]