Dairy plant opened the doors for schoolchildren

Pupils of school No. 49 visited the workshops and got acquainted with the production technology. Such an opportunity appeared due to the regional project “Day without turnstiles”. The action is designed to help adolescents decide on their future profession as early as possible. Photo: Anastasia Tolmachyova Before going into the workshop, students put on a […]

At the plant, the locksmith was electrocuted

Doctors arrived, stated the death of the employee. The accident occurred on Friday morning, but it became known only today. Two electrician conducted an audit of the equipment at the transformer substation mobile modular installation. One of the workers lost consciousness from electric shock. Ambulance doctors arrived at the scene, but they could not save […]

Residents are sounding the alarm: they want to build a plant near the Magnitogorsk resort

Residents of the Abzelilovsky district launched a petition against the construction of a mining and processing plant in the resort area near Lake Bannoye. As the author of the petition notes, the construction of the plant was planned by the Alexandrinsky mining company, which is part of the RMK concern. Such production can significantly worsen […]

Do not plant fires: firefighters with reminders passed through the yards of the Old Magnitka

In Magnitogorsk, there is a fire hazard regime. The staff of the department of supervisory activities and the fire and rescue garrison reminded the citizens of the safety rules. Photo: Anastasia Tolmachyova Nina Vasilievna lives in the village of Old Magnitka in her home for more than a quarter of a century. The farm keeps […]