Magnitogorsk drivers are forced to repair cars because of a failure at the gas station

Motorists are ready to sue the gas station. Drivers encountered problems last Sunday. Those who refueled at the gas station of one well-known network of companies at ul. The 50th anniversary of Magnitogorsk, 76a, could drive only a few meters. Some, immediately realizing that the matter was as gasoline, were returning to the gas station […]

The city determined who will repair the roads

As part of the national project, 85 percent of the carriageway will be put in order. As a result of the auction, the municipal contract was concluded with Magnitogorskinveststroy. The contractor was selected in the framework of the national project "Safe and high-quality roads." The goal of the project is to bring 85% of the […]

In the Magnitogorsk Conservatory in the anniversary year will repair the scene

Funds will allocate the regional budget. On the website of public procurement appeared information about the auction to perform the repair of the floor of the stage of the concert hall. On this site are all the performances in the conservatory. "The main period of work on the overhaul of the tablet includes demolition work, […]

Residents of the city are dissatisfied with the quality of repair of the park named after Boris Ruchev

New paving slabs did not last even one winter. Photo: Anastasia Tolmachyova The resting place was updated at the end of last year. There appeared a playground, a workout area. Set the bench. Laid footpaths. However, as soon as the snow melted, problems surfaced. The paving slabs did not survive the winter. In some places […]